March 9th, 2010

Shadar Logoth

Scene for an alternate Wish

Title: All Too Possible
Author: Kairos
Wordcount: 1401
Disclaimer: I can only Wish
Setting: This is more S3 Older'verse stuff, but since it all takes place within the Older'verse Wish'verse, it doesn't seem to need any backstory.
Notes: It's "The Wish" week over at fantas_magoria and I wanted to have something to contribute. It cost me some sleep, but for a one-night effort, I think it turned out pretty well. All mistakes, of course, are mine.

I'm just throwing you into the middle of this scene with one bit of explanation-- Buffy is the one who unwittingly had a wish granted by Anyanka. If you can guess the wish, or a reasonable approximation of it, I'll write you a drabble for a pairing/character and prompt of your choice.

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