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Happy February

I decided to do a post at the end (or beginning) of each month to check in on the resolutions I wrote for the Snowflake Challenge and see how I'm doing.

Finish Jurassic World fic by the end of the week:
Finish Daredevil fic by the end of the month: No, but I made a lot of progress. It's a 5+1 and I've just got a bit of the 5th and the +1 left to go.

Original fiction:
Nothing this month.

Sketch the main characters from the two comics:
I'm working on a set of these - the non-humans, naturally, but it's helping me get in the groove.
Use Photoshop: Only for a Facebook joke and a devArt upload, so it doesn't get crossed off.
Use my sewing machine: Purchased a pattern to make myself an apron.
Finish repainting my Psyche sculpture: Did this!

Finish a book a month: Covenant by Elissa Malcohn. It's free on her site and very much worth the read. The premise itself might grab you, as it grabbed me: two sentient alien species, one of which must feed on the other to survive. Very bleak and very skillfully wrought.
Finish the Civil War event before the movie: I'm not sure how far along I am, stab in the dark says maybe half. I'm really enjoying it and will say more in a separate post.
Check out the Harry Dresden series on audiobook: My friend sent me a text tonight saying he should be able to hook me up, solving the dilemma I've already laid out here.
Read one poem every night before going to sleep: On it. Not a perfect record for January, but definitely on my way to forming the habit. (Collected works of Robert Frost, if you're curious.)

Getting a few final episodes of other shows out of the way to clear the path for the ones I noted.

Get the theme tune for Pompidou out of my head:
This is a self-defeating resolution. Seeing it just makes me start humming the tune. Sometimes I even go look it up on YouTube again. Now I associate it with my New Year's resolutions so it pops into my head if I even think about working on them. Eventually maybe I can use it to inspire myself.
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