Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia

I'm ahead on TV but behind on telling the internet about it.

I wish I loved this show, but I like it, and watching things when they air on TV is such a novelty. Here are a few stray thoughts (just the positive ones):

Both love interests are A-OK with me. The new guy is a brilliant sweetie with potential for more jazz clubs scenes and 1940's discrimination-based scandal drama, and Sousa is Enver Gjokaj, so. Currently I'm thinking Sousa will ultimately be the one, not because Wilkes (that's his name right?) is dead, ahem, he isn't, but because when there's a perfect girlfriend in play who's about to get a ring on her finger, she's got to be either evil or soon to be tragically killed, and that paves a nice path for Peggy to shoulder in. Also, we've seen her descendants in the MCU, right? They could plausibly be related to Gjokaj?

Zero matter is fun for everyone! I want more zero matter, more flamingos, and more dancing, that's what I want. And a little bit of Howard Stark wouldn't go amiss.

By far, though, the best thing that has happened to this show up to the present is Mrs. Jarvis. She's crazy, funny, adorable, certifiably trustworthy, and as the characters noted out loud, nothing like Mr. Jarvis. I would say she was worth the wait, but thanks to the clever mechanisms in play behind the scenes, I didn't actually feel like I was waiting for her through the first season. Like Peggy, I assumed I already knew everything there was to know about her based on the fact that she was Jarvis's wife. Then she shows up not being a rigid British frump at all, and never actually contradicting or retconning anything we've been told, and then her backstory comes out and aaaaah. You know how sometimes there's one reason to keep watching a show even if you lose interest in the rest of it? Mrs. Jarvis is going to be mine.
Tags: a show i watched, marvel cinematic universe

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