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The Law of Equivalent Exchange

I finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with taaroko the other night and I've been trying to decide what to say about it.

I'm kind of bothered by how much I liked this show. Not bothered because there's some aspect of it that I think I shouldn't like, or because I can't figure out what was so good about it, but because after I finish something this awesome I'm usually taking the necessary steps to make it one of my fandoms and this time I'm not being compelled that way. I also don't have the alternative feeling that I sometimes get, which is that satisfied glow after you close a lengthy book and ruminate quietly without needing any further fuel.

If anything, what I want is to start again from Episode 1, paying close attention and sorting out everything I missed or forgot during the long break we took from it in the middle. There were so many characters and subplots, so much going on, and it all came together gloriously in the finale and I wasn't getting the full effect and that bothers me. If I ever rewatch it's going to be a long time from now, since I can think of like five shows off the top of my head that I already wanted to rewatch, and television is not how I want to be spending the bulk of my free time. So it's kind of like I'm stuck in the place where you love it but you've only seen the first half, except I already got all the spoilers so now continuing doesn't seem worth it.

Used to be we only watched anime when we could all get together at the house of our one friend who had the series on VHS. No distractions because we were all pointed at the TV, and no spoilers because nobody we knew had finished watching before we did. I miss that. If this had been one of our series back then, I think it would have consumed my life.
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