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Drabbles for Wish-winners

1. Same 'verse, ten years in the future, for a2zmom

Willow pushed her chair back from the keyboard with a frustrated groan. “Straight hacking isn’t going to work. I’ve tried everything I can, but it’s like their database has magical protection on it or something. Is that even possible?”

A pair of groans echoed hers in reply. “Okay,” Buffy sighed. “Someone get ready to perform the Heimlich, because swallowing this much pride is a guaranteed choking episode: I’m calling Eli.”

“Sympathy wince,” said Xander. “But you’re right, this time we gotta. Dealing with this firm is starting to Wolfram my heart.”

“Yeah. Ever wish we had just taken their offer?”

2. Angel makes a wish, for ares132006

“You can’t protect this town yourself.”

Someone has to.

“You’re not a Slayer.”

Neither is she.

“You’re fadin’. No rest, not enough blood. Same deal I pulled you out from.”

It’s better.

“Listen, pal, some honesty’s all I ask—-this what you thought that wish was gonna get you, or did you have other ideas? Maybe about a nubile normal-life schoolgirl suddenly havin’ time and inclination to fall into the arms of the lonesome neighborhood vampire?”

Angel finally answered. “It doesn’t matter. She can be happy now.”

“Right. Great for the last Slayer. Rest of the world? Not so much.”

3. Wesley/Cordelia, for ticketsonmyself

As so often happened, hours slipped away as the argument wore on, but this time, they were in no danger of forgetting where it had started.

“I’m not saying you’re a bad kisser,” Cordelia reasoned. “I just, you know, hope your technique has improved since then.”

“You can’t judge me entirely on that one experience! What about the second time?”

“Honestly? I wasn’t paying attention.”

Wesley rolled his eyes. “Of course you weren’t; I was simply the latest in your round of experimental vision-unloading. And on the matter of technique, might I suggest—“

“Oh I’ll show you--!”

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