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2015 Master List

I've actually really been looking forward to posting this list. For maybe the first time, or the first time since the first master list post, I feel good about the fanworks I've created this year and how the categories have shifted around. Yeah, there are only two full-length stories, but "Detonation Imminent" clocked in at nearly 65,000 words and that's longer than anything I've written since "Let Me In". And the whole thing fit into one year!

Lots of meta, lots of graphics, a lot of Daredevil representation but also more Buffy than I'd honestly expected. Can't wait to see where next year takes me.


Detonation Imminent (GotG; Peter&Rocket)
Expired Dominion (Buffyverse; Spike/Faith)


Untitled (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Untitled (Daredevil)
Sunrise (Buffyverse; Buffy/Angel)


Avengers banner
Rearranged comic panels, herp derp
107 Saga icons
21 Daredevil icons
43 Daredevil icons
44 Daredevil icons
40 Daredevil icons
41 Daredevil icons
35 Daredevil icons
Daredevil icons gritty reboot


Found Family, and Why Buffy Can't Grow Up
Daredevil - Hypersensitivity
A few disjointed Daredevil thoughts
Daredevil and Religion
Something about Katniss Everdeen
Souls vs. Demons in the Buffyverse

Comic Discussion:

Buffy Season 10 Issue #11
Buffy Season 10 Issue #16
Buffy Season 10 Issue #20
Angel and Faith Season 10 Issue #15
Crackpot theorizing about the Shanshu
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