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Please pass me the pencil.

Okay, flist, I need your help. Since I finished "Detonation Imminent", I'm having a hard time getting started again. It's not for lack of WIPs, I just can't seem to pick one to focus on.

So I chose one sentence from each document I've currently got going in Drive. They represent a few different fandoms, original fiction, nonfiction, and meta. Could you vote based on whatever you think seems the most interesting?

I'm still going to be taking new requests in the near future, but I want these projects to survive and that will only happen if I attack them one at a time.

Poll #2030804 What should I be working on?

Chose one based on any criteria you want. If you'd like to ask questions first, go ahead.

Devon cast him an inquiring look, and Alex showed his left hand and clarified, “We never divorced.”
The mission was even sanctioned by Nova Corps, since every enemy they would encounter would be a known criminal.
After our initial whirlwind romance in the Heart of Europe, I moved halfway across the world for him and became rather stranded there when the relationship soured, but this isn’t that kind of cautionary tale.
Did Angel have some reason to believe that she and Andrew had been closer than they really were, or was he just getting the ‘easier’ ones out of the way before he dropped the biggest bombs?
"Like, has there ever been a time where the ultra package is all paid for and everything and then the person comes of age and it turns out there’s no power except for a funky hair color?”
I panicked when my dog began to malfunction, but my therapist told me it was a good thing.
She trailed off as she thought about Angel’s miraculous return from his animalistic state and realized suddenly that he was no longer getting better.
When he had spoken these words, Elder Giles, for that was his name, fell to his knee and swore to serve the Princess Buffy for all of his days.
“It’s just...if it’s open to the public, people are going to be asking if you’re out of your mind, bringing a blind guy along.”
He tried counting down from one thousand: nine hundred ninety-nine, nine hundred ninety-eight, ow ow fuck fuck fuck fuck alright then that won’t work.
Before they could launch another attack, Askari took the initiative and swiped at the one who had spoken, and he staggered away with bloody gashes across his face and neck.
When he appears to be struggling with the weight of all of his sins, try looking at it this way: he’s evaluating whether it’s still his responsibility to keep existing.
"You’ve obviously got some connection to Wolfram & Hart, and that’s bad news for me and my redistributed plane."
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