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Mockingjay Part Two

I did indeed get to see this in the theater like I'd hoped.

You know that scene in the book where the team is fighting their way through the Capitol, and one of the traps is the entire street opening into a trapdoor under their feet? I thought that was made for an action blockbuster. Why on earth would they leave it out?

It was otherwise very faithful but unfortunately I was disappointed overall. The pacing was off, the climax was anticlimactic, and there weren't that many moments where you just watched and smiled and thought, "That was cool."

Loved seeing Pollux again now that he's Foggy, though. Hee.

I think I realized that the reason I don't care for horror movies is that it's too damn easy to make a scene scary. So we're down in the sewers, it's dark, we know we're about to be attacked by mutts, we know it's going to happen as soon as the quiet tension has stretched out long enough that the characters have stopped expecting it, and that there's going to be a loud sudden chord accompanying a sudden ugly monster. The natural human reaction is to flinch when it happens anyway. You can get the same effect with two colors and an air horn.

Wanted more Tigris, too! I didn't think her modifications were all that bad. I thought she was pretty. Is that weird? Am I too cat person?

Our theater just got these AM-AZ-ING reclining loveseats, straight out of a living room. Ticket prices didn't even increase! That might have been the most exciting thing about last night tbh. I haven't been to the movies in a while; is this something all the theaters are doing now? Have you watched anything from an amazing reclining loveseat?
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