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X-Men: Apocalypse

Didn't realize this trailer was out already, which I guess reveals how little I'm invested in X-Men cinema:

But, see, I was actually looking forward to this one because Nightcrawler's back, everyone's young again, Sophie Turner is playing Jean Grey, etc. And I also had some hopes that are now brutally crushed. I wanted Nightcrawler to have fur. (Brutally crushed, I'll tell you, brutally.) Now I realize that I was actually thinking it was going to be more rebooty than this, which is more of an in-universe reboot like it was in the comics. For those who don't know, there was some time travel hoo-ha in the nineties and history got rewritten, resulting in an enormous spin-off story which I guess eventually ended with a resolution to the split timeline which brought back the status quo.

Coincidentally, I just reached Age of Apocalypse in the comics, which might be nifty but probably won't do me much good since there isn't a lot they can do to line up the plot the same way. Maybe this is where I should take a break from X-Men, read Civil War, then pick up with Age of Apocalypse? I mean, the latter is actually being released several weeks after the former, you want to talk about trailers being dropped early.

One thing that's bugging me about this trailer, aside from Nightcrawler's bare skin, is that the exposition scientist lady really seems like she could be Moira MacTaggart. These movies need Moira MacTaggart. But if they finally realized that, what the hell are they thinking making her American?

I think I need to do a full-length no-holds-barred X-Men rant just to get these movies off my chest. The first one, back in 2000, was basically what got me into Marvel comics, and now all I can ever think about is what I wish they'd done differently.
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