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That show that everyone else has been watching for the past decade.

As of a couple nights ago, I've finished the first season of Supernatural, thanks to some urging from taaroko. (Actually, it was a deal we made with each other: she watched Cowboy Bebop in return. I'm willing to consider trades of this sort from other sources as well, so feel free to make me an offer.)

I intend to continue to the next season but I never quite got the 'hook' I was hoping for. It's a well put-together show and the Winchester bros are dolls; nothing seems to be missing, there just wasn't any one element that made me feel like I had to see the next episode else I must surely die. (I don't think that's too much to ask for from a show, do you?)

Supposedly the subsequent seasons are a lot different in structure and arc, so maybe my hook is still coming. Considering how much the internet talks about this show, I'm relatively unspoiled, and I can't really predict what will happen next so it's bound to surprise me.

The ultra-limited main cast doesn't ever grow that much from what I hear, though, and the reason I can't predict what will happen next is really that I don't see where they can go with two guys fighting supernatural evil things. Character development generally depends on...other characters' development. I like ensembles.

Also, gender balance isn't really something I think about much and I don't require women in every story, but apparently, I miss them when they're not there. Gimme this same show with sisters instead of brothers, or one of each. (Yeah, I know fanfiction has for sure already done that, but fanfiction has done a lot of things with the Winchester relationship that I'd rather not hear about.)

Hmm, this is coming out more negative than it should be. Can I hear from some Supernatural fans? Can you tell me what you love about it without spoiling anything past the first season?
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