Avox in Arcadia (perpetual) wrote,
Avox in Arcadia

GotG Drabble

“What did he say?” Peter asked, examining Groot’s wooden grin.

“‘I am Groot,’” Rocket replied. “You deaf or something?”

“Fine, smartass. What did he mean?”

Rocket shrugged. “The hell should I know?”

Peter looked from him to Groot, who still seemed amused about something, and back again. “‘Cause....you can...I mean...can’t you?”

“‘Course I can. He says he’s Groot, means he’s Groot.” He pointed. “He’s smiling. Means he’s happy. Anything else I can translate for you?”

“Wait. So every time you--”

Rocket joined Groot’s open laughter. “You seriously thought this was a words thing?”
Tags: drabble, fanfiction, fic: mcu, guardians of the galaxy
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