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November in Review

Because all the good stuff came out last month.

I've watched two more episodes of Jessica Jones since I last posted about it, and my opinion has not changed one bit. If anything, there's been even more of everything I loved (except for the Jessica/Luke chemistry, because, you know, already broken).

The origin story for Kilgrave ("Was Murdercorpse already taken?") was as freaky and intriguing as I could have hoped. Maybe I was wrong about him never having a humanizing moment, but the best part was the way they gave us a reason to pity him and then zoomed right out into reality so it no longer mattered. One of his victims in the support group says something about accountability and you start applying it to everything that happens in the show, from Jessica's interpretation of "Take care of her" to pre-Kilgrave Kevin throwing a tantrum to Hogarth getting screwed over by her ex. (Team Wendy here. Hogarth is a bitch.) Maybe this is really a show about accountability.

Haven't yet had a chance to check out The Lion Guard, aside from a few clips on YouTube. I probably shouldn't bother posting about it since I don't think anyone on my flist will be watching it, but for whatever record exists, it doesn't look half bad and Rob Lowe is the new voice of Simba.

Also haven't yet gotten to Mockingjay Part 2. I really hope we'll be able to see it in the theater, since I have for all the previous ones.

Saga just returned from another hiatus, which means Hazel aged another couple years. It's amazing how much that changes the story each time. I wonder if she'll eventually fade out as a narrator as her character gets more coherent and relevant dialogue. Probably not but I don't want to bother with another cut tag here so I'm avoiding any speculations with spoilers in them.

You know how I linked you to Taaroko's Buffy reviews? I'm doing it again because this is worthwhile news: she's actually updating daily. She's up to "Innocence" already and plus now there are Shirtless Angel macros and blood-spatter gifs and so forth. Go take another look if you haven't been there since it was announced. This fandom is counting on us!

It also makes me think I should follow suit, since my style of reviewing is different enough from hers that they could complement each other instead of splitting readership. I figure I could pick up where I left off ("Lie to Me") and post them on my own site, but first do a retrospect by gathering up all of my old reviews and posting those one at a time until I catch up to myself. It would be a lot of work (relatively speaking; I understand the irony of calling this 'work'), but maybe a fun project for the new year and anyway why do I have a Buffy fan website.

Since we're moving away from the topic of Things Released in November here, I'll also mention I just read Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, after meaning to for a long time and finally entering my local library and finding it there. I won't try to pitch it to anyone who doesn't care whether or not they understand comics, but I will say that if you're someone who will occasionally choose reading material based on quality and presentation rather than topic, go for it. It's also an interesting read for the sake of its discussions on art of all media, so if you create (and you do! so many of you do!), go for it.

Here are a few panels from my favorite chapter. I found this a really interesting way to think about art, and maybe you will too, and then we can put on our berets and wave our cigarette holders and analyze it further together.

Still plowing through old Marvel X-titles. Not as quickly as I was before, but enough that it's still cutting into my no-pictures book reading. (Which is fine with me, for now.) I'm in the early/mid-nineties and there's good and bad to be said about this era. The good is the snarkier sense of humor and greater freedom they had moving the characters around. The bad is mostly Cable. I do not get the appeal of Cable.

As for the no-pictures book reading, the only new thing I can think to report on is Monster Hunter International, which I snapped up as an e-book at one point while it was free. I can't say as I enjoy Larry Correia's writing in his fiction as much as I do in his blog, but I won't regret having read this one. The werewolves and vampires and the men shooting at them didn't do all that much for me, but once he brought in elves and orcs I started to feel some real affection. Not because I like elves or orcs that much, but because he actually managed to do something unique with both of them, and Tolkien, I love you forever but not everyone needs to copy you forever.

Did I miss anything that came out in November? Sorry to say, I haven't read many of the IWRY fics yet, but I'm sure I'll get around to it. Cheers to everyone who wrote for the marathon this year! Represent!

Oh, and I watched a few things on Netflix I wouldn't have otherwise thanks to the aforementioned house guest: Paddington (so British and cute!), Holes (admirably weird), and some documentary about Richard III (this lady was literally crying about her theory on him not being a hunchback being proved wrong, it was hilarious). Next day edit: I forgot Philomena. That was surprisingly good! And very sad, with excellent acting.

What to look forward to in December? I hear there's some space opera with Harrison Ford coming out, I'll probably see that. You?
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