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Searching for a fic

Does anyone know who wrote that story, pretty recent, where Buffy and Angel have this Slayer/vampire shared destiny thing that gives them both crazy superpowers, and at the end they have sex in the sky while they're both glowing?


This review is not going to be elegant. I am 99% fangirl and 1% critic. And I'm not really going to apologize for not putting that top part under a spoiler cut, either, since I've never heard that anyone on my friends list cares about Season 8 spoilers.

I liked:

~Twilight joke-- had to happen sooner or later, and this was pretty damn well-placed
~Angel doesn't want to hurt Faith, poor guy.
~The running commentary by Xander, Satsu, and Willow.
~Whatever happens next, B/A already wins forever. Not because of Mystical Reasons. Because of the f#@%ing sonic boom.
~I laughed out loud at the last panel + "Next Issue: Them F#%@ing", and didn't even notice until the second read that we were also promised the true history of the universe, which pretty much shows that my priorities are exactly where the writers want them to be.
~But completely intrigued here about the true history of the universe, really.

I didn't like:
~He kept calling her 'Buff'. There is no reasoning for this that will satisfy me.
~This issue really didn't need Andrew.
~Did Angel not notice that this power he's so happy about is the same power he's calling 'unholy'?
~So far I'm not thrilled with the way Jeanty is drawing Angel. (I do appreciate, however, that he looks closer to BtVS Angel than AtS S5 DB-keeps-aging-and-gaining-weight Angel.)
~There is happiness. Maybe we should all just pretend there aren't any issues after this one.
~The reason that Angel loved Buffy the moment he saw her was that she gave him hope and a purpose and a need to protect someone. Don't take that away from us.

Questions answered:
~Okay, the wording he used did make all of his big ruse a little more understandable. On one hand, distraction for the real enemies, on the other, bringing Buffy to the state she's in now.
~I'm glad the thing about Buffy sucking powers out of dead Slayers was debunked. Too loose of an end, there.
~Angel's explanation about where he's been was, almost verbatim, exactly what Joss said about making the split-publishers problem gel. Tee-hee.
~So the last issue was all about stalling; he just wanted to be sure that Buffy was the first one who heard the explanation, and he knew she was coming.

Questions remaining:
~I say the big ruse is more understandable, but it's still not that understandable, and something was going on in Buffy's head other than "Phew! I thought he was really a bad guy!"
~Who the hell is that mob that's killing Slayers all over the place?
~Scythe, Scythe, who's got the Scythe? It plays into this somehow, right?
~I also still want to know if Buffy's blood, and Angel draining it that one time, brought us here.

New questions:
~Giles! 'Fess up!
~"What we earned"? "What we need"? FOR WHAT?
~This probably isn't a new question, it just happened to occur to me and I haven't seen it addressed anywhere. Could the Fray family be the descendants of Buffy and Angel?
~And on that note: "That twist in your belly... You feel me, Buffy. You feel us." Uh, Angel? What exactly do you mean by 'us'?
~Is anyone ever again going to brag about Spike and Buffy tearing down a house during sex? Can I just reply to said bragging by saying "f#@%ing sonic boom, bitches"?

Okay, I'm spent. Sorry for the disjointed ramblings, but it was either this or spend all night spewing my opinions all over a2zmom's thread.

So, who wants to make me a F#@%ING SONIC BOOM icon?
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