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We currently have a house guest who arrived the very same night that Jessica Jones came to Netflix, and since she's not the kind of guest who would enjoy the show, I haven't marathoned the whole thing like I would have otherwise. As of now I've watched through the seventh episode.

Before I cut for spoilers, there were a couple questions we were discussing before it came out that might influence whether some people want to start watching. Now that I have a basis, I just want to answer those in the vaguest possible terms.

First, it's confirmed that Kilgrave rapes his victims, or at least one of them, though it's not shown.

Second, everything about Kilgrave is utterly and terrifyingly evil and if you want David Tennant to remain the Tenth Doctor in your mind, he is going to cause you trouble.

There is a real possibility that this show is not only as good as it looked from the trailer, but as good as I hoped it would be, which might even mean it's as good as Daredevil. This is serious business and I wasn't really prepared for it. (I'll probably always prefer Daredevil because it's more tailored to my preferences, but that's neither here nor there.)

These days, people don't want to see a girl who needs to be rescued. My female character archetype pet peeve is a little more modern: the girl who's always proving she doesn't need to be rescued. Is Jessica Jones special because she's neither? No, I think she's special because she's both. She's the girl who needed to be rescued, and wasn't. Yet here she stands.

And then they put her opposite this sexy super-powered musclebound angry stoic beautiful baritone biker bartender bombshell and you NEED them to get into bed together and then they ARE in bed together and then they're breaking each others' hearts and they're so so broken and so are you, you're also broken, because Jessica/Luke just broke you like they broke their hearts and his bed. I meant for this paragraph to be just about Luke before I started in on the shipping but guys just LOOK at them together. (I don't have an image, you'll have to get one.)

Okay so Kilgrave. I'm torn between wanting him to survive the season because he's such a stunning villain, and wanting him to die horribly because he's so evil. I cannot emphasis enough how evil he is. He never has a humanizing moment. He's never over-the-top enough that you can't take him seriously. He never has enough of a weakness that his threat is diminished. As soon as he's introduced and his powers are explained, the only logical conclusion is that he's 100% impossible to defeat, and that explains pretty much everything about Jessica and how she reacts to him resurfacing.

The rest of the cast is equally amazing. The whole show is kind of perfect. My only complaint was that it was taking too long to get to the Daredevil crossovers (which I understand. Really, I do. Easter eggs are icing, not a foundation), and then who shows up in the last episode I watched but Brett Mahoney, the one cop in the precinct that Matt and Foggy could trust. If I missed any that came before that, you HAVE to tell me!

Probably won't get another chance to watch until after Thanksgiving, so fingers crossed I'll manage to avoid spoilers instead of inflicting them on myself through TVtropes like I usually do when I like a show.

Do I have to be the one who makes all the LJ icons again? Come on, someone must have made a few to share by now.
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