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Guys I have to tell you this one thing about the GotG cartoon

Well, maybe two things. I'm kind of intrigued by the animation because it's so simplified and choppy that it seems like it must be an intentional throwback to the 80's, which is brilliant in a way. It looks like the cartoons that Peter would have watched in his childhood, and by extension is familiar to everyone of his age. Subliminal retro. On the other hand, I like modern animation. Putting a purpose behind lower quality doesn't make it higher quality.

The voices are kind of the same deal: more exaggerated and cartoony than I would like, but in keeping with the different mood that the show has from the movie and the comics. Everything else is splashy and vibrant and satisfying for its own sake, though not altogether exciting.

But none of that matters, because - okay, this is really the one thing I had to tell you - COSMO IS IN IT. Cosmo! The Soviet Space Dog! And he talks! Psionically! With his Russian accent! This show could be a pile of steaming garbage in every other facet and it would still be worth watching because it has Cosmo the Soviet Space Dog and his psionic Russian accent.
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