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This is harder than I thought it would be.

I finally took down another Dav Pilkey image (that's the gargoyle children's book author/illustrator I've been using for my profiles everywhere on the internet), and crossed off "update LJ profile" from one of the to-do lists I haven't touched in months. Of course, I might end up repeating the cycle with James Gurney art instead, but at least it's a change.

Also I put down actual money - just a couple bucks of it, but I can't help highlighting how insane this is - on a custom raccoon userhead. You know why, don't you? Yeah. Because all the animals just look stupid with shoulders, except for the raccoon, which looks like Rocket.

The website - my own website, not LJ - has me spinning my wheels again because the builder that we use is actually very limited and I don't have the knowledge to work outside of its boundaries. I know that putting a border around a certain block of text should be less of a priority than making posts and encouraging activity, but I am completely null on inspiration lately and kind of reliant on jobs with inherent structure so I can get myself moving again.

Any ideas? Advice? Kick in the pants? Also, what should I make for dinner tonight?
Tags: castle kairos, guardians of the galaxy

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