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About that last S10 issue

This is just a bit of crackpot theorizing, but in regards to Angel's condemnation of Buffy/immortals on the last page, everyone seems to be asking if it's an accurate prediction of the end of Spuffy, or whether it's just Angel being a dick. What if it's an accurate prediction of something a little more complicated? If Angel Shanshus at the end of the season, Buffy would have to be faced with the choice of beginning a relationship with him that might actually work, or sticking with Spike out of loyalty (or whatever it is that she's getting out of this).

If Spike Shanshus, which might actually be a possibility given the way they've pissed all over the promises of the original canon so far, the anti-mortal/immortal-relationships theory being pushed in this arc could be seen as the final blessing for Spuffy and they'll live happily ever after as a pair of humans.

There aren't any actual good options left but I admit I'm curious about what kind of game Christos Gage is playing with these characters.
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