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Hey here's some MCU fic recs from Ao3 real quick

Guardians of the Galaxy

Hurt/comfort starring Rocket is everything

Daemon fic is apparently this whole thing and I can't get enough of it

I've only read the early chapters but I like 'em

When you adore the Peter&Rocket but not so much Peter/Rocket


More daemons; the links are pictures of the animals, man that's brilliant

Daemons again but this time you'll be like well of course Kairos loves this one

When you discover this amazing multi-chapter fic right before it stops updating

This is for if you love Matt and want to make yourself happy


Because we all wanted to know what everyone else was doing during AoU

Pretty sure I lost a few I liked, but at least now I won't lose these. :) Spent some time searching for one I read which basically consisted of Rocket crawling into Peter's bed (just to sleep), then realized I was probably the only one around who really digs stories about sentient cyborg raccoons cuddling with intergalactic rapscallions.

If you're hesitating on the daemon ones because you haven't read His Dark Materials, don't - the borrowed concept is simple and you'll figure it out within a couple paragraphs.
Tags: a book i read, fic recs, guardians of the galaxy, marvel cinematic universe, the defenders

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