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Disney is toying with my heart again.

They're doing a Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon. I'm caught between elation at more GotG content, and a case of grumps because it will most likely be nothing special and I'll end up watching it anyway. The shorts available on that link are at least a heck of a lot better than the comics that were just released using stillframes from them (because of course when I open Marvel Unlimited and there are new comics with the words "Guardians of the Galaxy" on them I read those first).

Anyway, it's not due out until September 26 and then I'm not sure how long it will take for it to get to a format where I can stream for free, so we're talking distant future. I've just been thinking about timing a lot lately - how the fandom I've got on the mind doesn't ever seem to line up with what's currently available anymore. Right now I basically have access to everything I've ever been obsessed with, and I'm kind of ho-hum about all of it. GotG is probably in the lead, but I'm also on my second wave, so the thrills are notably diminished.

I'm still not over the frustration of the Land Before Time sequels being made when I wasn't even a real child anymore.

There's also a new Lion King cartoon coming in November, which I've been keeping an eye on since the central characters are Simba's family and not the dumbass comic relief. My TLK days came and went before I knew you could talk about movies on the internet, but part of me has always been waiting for an excuse to get them back. I actually have the first chapter of a fanfic written, but if I ever post it anywhere and someone happens to read it, I'll feel obliged to continue and let me tell you that is going to be one hell of a timesuck.

Obviously the target age group doesn't influence my enjoyment of a show that much, but I know children's television can be inspired and substantial and hoping that two of my favorite things are going to manage that caliber at once is probably going to leave me disappointed. Anyone else have such hopes?
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