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On the alleged deep wounds inflicted on fandom

Guys, I just wrote out a blog entry that took me like an hour and got it deleted because of this crap laptop, so I'm going to do this the fast way, which I hate almost as much as I hate posting something political:

Don't form opinions on the Sad Puppies campaign based on grrm's blog posts on it. He's biased and has done a hell of a lot more harm than good in trying to defend the Hugo awards. If you want to know more, feel free to ask me, but you can also just read any of Larry Correia's posts on the topic at Monster Hunter Nation, or just google for the other side.

The rest of the post was a short review of One Bright Star to Guide Them by John Wright. If you read his blog you're probably going to hate him, but you know what? The man is a brilliant author and he deserves awards and that's the only thing that should matter. A Song of Ice and Fire has been my favorite series for well over a decade, and I've never read anything by Larry Correia. GRRM is wrong about this, and Correia is right. Separating the work from its author is not that hard.

I'm never getting that hour of my life back and I know none of us here really care about the Hugos, so now I feel bitchy and I'm going to eat breakfast before this turns into something I regret.
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