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Does anyone remember that 80's movie, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? We used to love that movie. I don't remember it clearly enough to say if it was any good, but it didn't have to be, it just had to have the actors scurrying through sets where everyday objects appeared enormous. Tabletops were a hazardous height. They gorged on a single dropped cookie. They even rode around on an ant. It was all just really satisfying and fun.

So Ant-Man had that going for it, too, sort of a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids for adults. (One of our previews was for a Goosebumps movie, which looks like Cabin in the Woods for kids. Now there's a scary thought.) If anything, it could have used a few more pointless running-through-the-landscape scenes. I appreciated the character's unusual backstory and his fatherhood theme, but at the beginning I honestly felt like reality was going on a little too long and I was starting to get antsy (just forgive me the pun and let it go, I mean Scott named his steed Antony for crying out loud). I went in there expecting a lot of humor and silliness, and sure, I laughed, but I probably laughed more at Age of Ultron.

As a movie it was decent and though I probably wouldn't see it again, I wouldn't leave the room if it were playing. As part of the larger Marvel story, which speaks to me way more than magic shrinky suits, it was a bit more of a thrill, thanks to the surprise Avenger appearance. I don't know if it was a surprise to you - I avoided spoilers for this one - and he wasn't necessarily one of my favorite characters, but it just felt really great to see him again. The hat tips to Stark Industries and HYDRA are likewise acknowledged with thanks. There's a lot more I could ask for, but why bother? It all connects somewhere and that's all we need.

Except for the post-credits scene, which is what I really want to talk about. We were sitting there waiting for it and I had essentially just explained, "I really wanted more of The Wasp. I was kind of hoping her daughter would take up the role in her place. In the comics she's a way better character than Ant-Man, anyway." (I can't justify my stance on the last part because I've never read anything with Ant-Man in it, but Janet Pym has been wicked cool in every Avengers/X-Men crossover where I've found her. She was leading the Avengers at one point...while Cap was still on the team. And, she has wings and a built-in weapon. Seriously, get your thorax out of the way, tiny man. Tiny woman wins.)

If they really want to shake up the universe and make this movie so much more than worth it, the next time we see the tiny couple, Wasp is going to be the main event and Ant-Man is the love interest. I'm serious. Not serious in the sense that I think it will happen, but I thoroughly believe it should. Maybe with a sequel called "The Wasp", maybe with her being the one to join the Avengers instead of him. Yeah sure I can't remember her name right now but that doesn't mean she isn't main character material.

I was with a non-geek so we didn't stay through the credits to check if there was a second bonus scene - if anyone did and there was, could you summarize it for me? Thanks!
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