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Okay okay okay

Some spoiler pages were just released for the pivotal upcoming Season 8 issue!

...they're addressing the voice thing! So, Giles recognizing it doesn't mean for sure that it's Angel in the mask this time (or explain why Angel's wearing the mask), but it does explain why he lost his font, and it doesn't seem to matter to him. So, Amy was providing the voice-distortion? Huh. Seems like there would be easier ways to do that.

And what a fascinating comment about what happens when you lose your resident witch. Does this refer to something Willow has already done, or what she will do?

And, okay, Andrew? You were supposed to be unconscious the first time; how do you know this is the second time?

If Angel does indeed have a master plan that's meant to save the world/Buffy/Slayers instead of the villainous master plan he's projecting, I have no idea what purpose this scene serves for him. Maybe he needs Giles, Faith, and Andrew to go back to Buffy all convinced that Twilight Is Angel and Angel Is Evil, but it still doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Why bother with any of this?

Whatever, I'm still psyched to read it.
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