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Never worry about what others think of you...

So, is anyone else still reading Saga? How do you feel about the last arc?

I was starting to get fed up because a) the character deaths were coming so fast and heavy and b) Marko's team was kind of pathetic. Ghus and Friendo were a lot cuter before they had names and roles in the story, and I never really cared about Yuma. (Prince Robot is still pretty hardcore, though.) Why did Yuma even come along? And if Ghus cares so much about his livestock, why did he sell Friendo to Klara for meat?

It was also a real letdown when The Brand was killed, not only because she was so cool but holy crap, did Sophie not have enough trauma and guilt to contend with already? Couldn't this at least have been an accident that had nothing to do with her? And now she's got The Will lashing out at her. Hazel's narration kind of implies that he's going to squander his chance at redemption, so that probably means he's going off on his own - or with Sweet Boy - to hunt down Prince Robot and/or Hazel and/or her parents. Which is cool and all, but Sophie, man.

Enough complaining, though. I read the latest issue today, which I think was actually released last week, and it was nonstop tearjerking surrealist action. Last things first, what the hell is that school that Hazel's been placed in? It's Landfallian, but all the kids have horns, but they don't look abused, and didn't the Resistance say they were selling her to the moonies? MUST KNOW MORE. My guess for the "important journey" that BKV alluded to in the lettercol is Landfall, since Hazel said she'd go back there without her mother.

It was really crushing when we found out that Hazel and Marko wouldn't see each other for years, but having Marko and Alana back together is something of a balm on that. I mean, it's freaky that their child is taken away from them both for so long, but at least the breakup was accounted for and relatively brief, and now they can look for her together. Only, what's going to happen to Klara? The suspense is gonna kill me for sure.

Dengo was one death that felt like it was well-earned and in just the right place. I'm sure we can all sympathize with his backstory but the guy was a loon and it will be interesting to see how Prince Robot's story develops after this. Will he still care about chasing after anyone now that he has his son back and his wife's killer is dead?

Definitely need to go back and reread the last arc, and I might even enjoy it more this time around now that I know every loose end is going somewhere. Let me know if I should keep talking about it or not, though.

Here's the "Which Character Are You" Buzzfeed quiz. I'm Lying Cat. Obviously. Oh, and there's also supposed to be more merchandise coming. Like, TOYS. Can you imagine?
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