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Excuses Excuses

I try to keep myself from updating just to say I'm going to update, but I promised some of you a new B/A site and I wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten. If I can get it together the way I want, I'm planning on starting with the open blog idea, but open in the sense that I won't be the only contributor. I'd prefer a Whedonesque-type deal where anyone can make a post and anyone can respond, but I don't think that's an option in the program I'm using, and anyway I need to have at least a little bit of mod presence. Still, the rules will be a short list and everything will be visible to all.

To balance that out, I thought I might put a very private, very limited forum elsewhere on the site. Maybe not lead with that, but add it in if people still feel like we're missing out on having our own place what with the public blog.

The reason I haven't been working on the site is that I was busy moving house, and the reason I feel more confident about getting to it now is that moving house gained me a little room of my own where I can hole up and fiddle around without distraction. It's awesome! I also upgraded the RAM in my Mac (Kronos - you named him, flist, remember that?), so it's much easier to, you know, do stuff. We were talking about getting some video editing software too, but I think I'll be responsible and wait, since I also put an easel in this room and God knows I can't blame my creative drought on not having the tools at my disposal.

And just now I finally downloaded a screencap tool so I can churn out more icons and the like. See, this is the kind of thing you don't bother with when you haven't upgraded your computer in years and doing anything with it is a pain in the ass. And this is why I'm telling you that it's going to be easier to work on the site etc. from now on.

I also put a birdcage in here. And that's it, just a computer, birdcage, easel, and some storage furniture. This is the way to live!
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