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Someone turned the fence off in the rain

I keep having this conversation with people in real life:

Me: So, Jurassic World!!! Right?!!
Them: ...I guess?
Me: Star-Lord is riding a dirtbike flanked by inaccurately depicted velociraptors!
Them: Yeah but it's just going to be a--
Me: He has a PSYCHIC UPLINK with the raptors.
Them: The last two sequels were--

Clearly this is never going to evolve (see what I did there?) into a meaningful dialogue, so, as ever, I turn to my flist for insight. How do I entice others to share my excitement? Or alternatively, why do you not share my excitement?

I'm not saying there's a right or wrong reason to enjoy a movie, but I just can't get into the headspace where Star-Lord riding a dirtbike flanked by inaccurately depicted velociraptors is not in itself reason enough to watch.

(Ride on, Pratt. Do it your way.)
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