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Buffy Season 10 Issue #15

I've been thinking lately about how tropes only seem tired to those who are especially familiar with them. No matter how derivative a work is, if it's your first time encountering some particular element, it's going to feel like this is the source of that element and everything else that uses it is derivative. Kids fall in love with books like Eragon because they don't know about all of the other stories about telepathic dragons there are out there. I wonder if Buffy's battle with Spike as she urges him to remember his soul seems new and exciting to anyone?

Oh dear lord they're pulling out the "We're family" line again, guess what, my wariness of that theme has been upgraded to pet peeve.

Xander coming up with a spur-of-the-moment plan to bring the building down based on his carpentry knowledge is a good move, though. Giving Xander a purpose in battle scenes has to be one of the hardest things about writing for him.

Good line from Willow! "Yeah, but the walls just kinda sit there and take it." Works great in context. Sounds like Willow.

This primeval vamp monster guy, I already forgot his name, he's kind of silly looking.

Dawn looks totally cute holding a bow and leaning against a pillar.

Spike's "dirty little secret" about how having a soul doesn't make you forget the rush is exactly what I've been saying about Angel all this time. Being a vampire with a soul takes concerted effort and entails sacrifice and regret. They're still killers within. (No, of course nobody's going to mention Angel in this latest Spike/Buffy forgive-and-forget fest.)

Dawn looks cute at her laptop with her earbuds in, too, but someone decided to decorate her room like she's eight.

Really overdue Xander/Dawn conversation. Kind of hard not to wonder why they haven't been taking this approach all along, but at least their scenes together should be less maddening from now on.

Wait, I just turned the page and the conversation is still happening. What else do they have to say?

Right, okay. More rehash. "Cool as a cucumber popsicle" made me smile a little though.

They all just decided they have to call Angel, and the only word Buffy and Willow can use about it is "awkward". Repetitiously.

If it weren't for Giles still holding this season's pattern of acting so OOC over Buffy's love life, the final page with him and Spike would be pretty much spot-on. Spike bitching that she always picks Angel over him (there have been zero canon occasions in which Buffy was given a choice between the two vampires and acted on it). Giles noting that she sent Angel away, Spike with the classy line, "Yeah, for killing you, and now you're alive again. Thanks a lot." Giles dispensing some very obvious advice, which Spike agrees to and then acts in direct opposition to it. And Angel showing up in the last panel and snarking back at him because "awkward" is never ever going to apply to their relationship.

All in all...I guess I hated it less than I could have? I haven't stopped reading yet? I don't really know how to conclude this post.
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