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Wait! I am from...history!

Here is a selection from my fandom autobiography: at some point in college, after really enjoying the first two X-Men movies, I decided it was time to check out the real thing. Hitherto, my experience with comic books was limited to Sandman and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, which both have their merits but are pretty far removed from the superhero genre.

I fell madly in love with Uncanny X-Men. I started with the Essential collections, but they weren't getting published fast enough so I started going to comic shops and searching for individual issues for everything after #179. When events in the series alerted me to crossovers with New Mutants and X-Factor, I took on those too. I was really determined to get it all read in order, which entailed some ridiculously convoluted checklist-keeping and has resulted in the ownership of a lot of issues and collections I've never even cracked.

Shortly after graduation I spent the better part of the year abroad, where it's really hard to find Marvel comics in English, especially when you're penniless. The long intervals I spent waiting for my next fix took some wind out of my sails, and for the next few years I only managed to read a few issues a month and then I watched Buffy and X-Men got permanently moved to the backseat.

...UNTIL NOW! I got an account at Marvel Unlimited, which I hadn't known was a thing until I read an interview with Charlie Cox where he said a benefit of playing Daredevil is that he gets full access to Marvel comics (I LOVE HIM). And then I didn't realize that it's actually pretty affordable (and there's currently a one-month-free deal), and gives you access to FIFTEEN THOUSAND COMICS.

Every arc I loved, every issue I missed is in there. I can fill in the gaps in my collection and keep going, meet the classic characters I never made it to (helloooo Gambit!). I started with Secret Wars and finally found out what happened between Colossus and Zsaji (he's a hormonal teenage lackwit, just as I expected). And I can branch out, too. Guardians of the Galaxy? Heck yes. (Already started on a few of those and I hate the way they draw Rocket but canon Peter is exactly what I hoped he was.) Daredevil? Why the hell not. Spider-Man? Low priority, but yeah, Spider-Man!

I know this isn't going to interest most of my flist but I had to squee about it. X-Men is back in my life! Hey guys does anyone like comics? Shall we talk about comics??
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