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The times, they are a-changin'.

Okay, I tried to give it a complete overhaul, but eventually circled back to the same layout with a different header and colors. There are a few elements I always want to keep, like the tag cloud, and it turns out I suck at building anything from scratch that incorporates the new stuff without losing my very identity the format that has worked for the past five years.

And it really has been five years; I was just going through my old entries and thinking about how we all got here. I've been posting a lot lately because my secret is that I love attention, and this site has gotten me more of it than any other. It also didn't feel quite right that a random visitor would see all of the MCU flailing and think that's what I'm all about, though, so I thought it was a good time to put the original packaging back on: hence the B/A header.

Not that I won't miss the old one (salute to carlyinrome who made it for me), but it's probably time to start moving away from all the Dav Pilkey I have wallpapering every corner I've staked out on the internet. The book and its art are still as meaningful to me as ever, but self-expression through someone else's creation is the kind of thing that should have its time and then pass. Plus, I've had a few people think that the pictures were my own, and that's kind of awkward. I'll work on a new "Friends Only" banner next, then maybe figure out something new for my profile. Change is hard when you're perpetual. Fortunately, Janas tucked a little bit of Pilkey into the header, so I won't have to let go altogether.

So that's today's news. And in a more official capacity, thank you janasbangel! Everyone please take a look and address your admiration to her.
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