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Age of Ultron

Okay, I've seen the new Avengers and I'm ready to talk about it now.

You know, none of the fight scenes really grabbed me that much. I don't have any complaints about them, I just wouldn't mind if they were all abbreviated to give more space to superhero bickering.

Hawkeye remains my favorite Avenger and now it's justified beyond "he got the least screentime in the first movie and I'm so indy", because 1) I got a bundle of free digital comics with my ticket purchase and his was the only one that was any good, 2) wow actual character arc, 3) wow character arms, and 4) usually I don't even like pep talks but the way he got Scarlet Witch back in the fight was kind of funny, kind of hardcore, kind of moving.

Scarlet Witch is my favorite new Avenger. I thought we were going to get to keep both her and Quicksilver but if one of them had to go, the right choice was made and holy crap her set of powers blows the rest of them out of the water.

Honestly though I'm not really okay with losing Quicksilver.

I'm not really okay with losing Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Hawkeye either, even if they're still available to appear in other movies. The new team has a lot going for it and of course I was psyched to see both Falcon and War Machine again, but two guys taking their powers entirely from suits seems like too many guys on one team taking their powers entirely from suits. Especially when neither of them have Iron Man's background with it.

Hulk's probably going to be back in time to be part of the team in Infinity Wars, though.

How adorable was it when Thor and Tony were comparing girlfriends? I wish Pepper and Jane could have made an appearance but with the cast glut, I think that was the best way to give them a hat tip.

Okay, I went into it pretty firmly opposed to Bruce/Natasha, mostly because I hate seeing token female characters getting handed around to compensate for not having a romantic interest for each male. Letting her go without a love story at all just wasn't gonna happen (and anyway, I like love stories), and I thought that Clint/Natasha was set up really well in the first movie without getting in your face about it. I can't say as I actually ship her with Bruce now, I'm pretty neutral on it, but the more important thing to me was that the Clint spark was retconned so skillfully that I completely, 100% buy them as best friends and love it.

And heck, I buy Clint's hidden family, too. Why wouldn't he keep them secret (except from his BEST FRIEND)? At the reveal, it makes him seem a lot more distant from his friends and teammates, but it's also a huge show of his trust in them that he brings all of them to the house. So glad he didn't die and they didn't die.

I think we can all agree that the MCU is a little weak with its villains, Loki's astounding popularity aside. Ultron was pretty solid; fun to watch, great voice, credibly threatening, but also not so charismatic that he was indispensable. Bye, Ultron! Hello Vision - very cool new character with a killer origin story.

The humor was excellent, and is probably what I now look forward to the most in Joss productions. Tell me your favorite funny moment! Mine was either the running joke about Cap's aversion to swearing, or the very understated Tonyism "Please be a secret door, please be a secret door...yay!"

And on that note, this was the greatest Stan Lee cameo ever. HE SAID "EXCELSIOR". HE SAID IT, WITH HIS STAN LEE VOICE FROM HIS STAN LEE FACE. Btw, Taaroko and I were just looking up his biography and it turns out the old bat is a pretty wonderful guy even apart from the legend. We owe him our allegiance.

Was great seeing Thanos again (in lieu of the Guardians, who I miss dearly), but if anyone wants to beef me up on any other references or set-up moments that I missed, I'd appreciate it. Was very pleasantly surprised by the mention of Wakanda - I don't actually know much about Black Panther, but I get the feeling I'm going to love him on the screen.

We got a lovely set of previews, including the Star Wars one which of course I had already seen, but my heart fluttered anyway. The audience applauded.

And that's all I have to say at the moment. You take over!
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