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TV Lately: Attack of the Terror of the Revenge of the

As you may have noticed from some of my new icons, I fell into Adventure Time, a very weird cartoon which I had been aware of for awhile but avoided because it felt like it might be the kind of surrealism that spoofs children's TV by combining it with inappropriate humor. Turns out it's straight surrealism, if such a thing can be said to exist. Not that the humor isn't inappropriate too, I mean, I still wouldn't show it to my nephew or anything, but charm and integrity mean more to me when I find them in unexpected places. Finn loves adventuring but his first priority is justice. Jake shows genuine respect and concern for his girlfriend. Mathematical!

I was the first one who started watching it in our house, but Simon was the one who really loved it and he's also the one who goes overboard with his latest favorite thing, so now we have a bunch of Adventure Time merch floating around and a few seasons purchased on XBox Live, but neither of us have actually caught up to the present. I'm already kind of over it - mostly because he's way ahead of me and it's not as much fun to watch by yourself - but the neat thing is that I want to keep going just for the sake of finding out what happens next, and the idea of a show like this having a serial plot that draws you in is just insane. But it does! And I still haven't seen an episode with Fionna and Cake, which is a shame because I bet they're probably my favorite characters.

Speaking of Simon, he also finally decided he's interested in Doctor Who again, so someday this year I may actually complete my rewatch (was waiting for him, you see) and get to the Twelfth Doctor. From time to time we watch an episode or two of Avatar: the Last Airbender, which he doesn't love as much as I do, but hasn't thrown it overboard like he has with other shows.

Jury's out on whether anything can reignite us for Game of Thrones (same situation), but eventually I'll probably get back into it starting with S2, and maybe finish S4 before the rest of you get through S5. Part of me still loves the show, part of me is still hipster-pissy about the books being everyone's business these days, part of me is (still) fed up with the gratuitous sex and violence and bored by the nihilism. One does not simply stop watching dragon TV shows, but there's no sense of urgency anymore; now that the show is diverging more and more from the book canon, spoilers really count, but I care about them less than ever.

I was doing a BtVS rewatch for a little while, because one of the old LJ comms had started it and I figured I might as well watch along, but the show isn't doing much for me right now. It's honestly kind of a weird sensation, because the days when I couldn't get enough Buffy if you pumped it into my veins are not really that far behind me, and no matter how much I faded in and out of fandom, I always felt like I got something new out of every episode every time I watched it. I haven't gone 100% cold on it, but when I reached "Lie to Me", which is where I left off my own rewatch/review from days of yore, I figured it was time to set it all aside until I could do it right.

The other non-Daredevil shows I've seen since last writing about TV are The Walking Dead and Agents of SHIELD, but I think I might need a separate entry for each of them. I have feelings about both, not entirely positive feelings, and some of the negative feelings are specifically in regard to simply not having positive feelings or the negative ones not being negative enough to make that much difference, but they're both shows that I know some of you have watched, and may even have your own feelings about, so it would be nice to discuss a bit.

Oh, and here's the one I was most recently marathoning and will probably pick back up now unless I cave and watch Daredevil all over again: SeaQuest DSV. Don't laugh, man. Everyone's laughing and I don't get it - sure, this is primarily about the nostalgia factor, but seeing it again as an adult? For what it is, and the era it came from, I happen to believe it's pretty damn good. Just the concept alone is a winner: set in the not-so-distant future, some modestly implausible elements (mostly in the form of ambitious predictions of tech advancements), but we're underwater and one of the characters is a dolphin. Brilliant.

It was the first live-action sci-fi show I ever loved. Its appearance on Netflix really made my day. I'm absolutely stopping before the third and final season.

So, that won't last long, and with all the aforementioned stuff either out of the way or moving at a real slow pace, I'm not sure what's next. I finally feel liberated from tuning into shows like Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries just for the sake of having a new and current fandom - not sure what changed; there just doesn't seem to be any internal pressure anymore. I may or may not also have lost the compulsion to choke down every season of Bones as it's added to Netflix. I think it might soon be time at last to watch the original Star Trek series, or possibly to order S5 of True Blood.

I'm also thinking about finally rewatching/finishing Lost, and there is never going to be a time that I'm not ready for another journey through Cowboy Bebop, so if anyone out there is into that, let me know and I'll do it with you.

That's a lot of TV, huh! But for the first time in quite a while, I don't feel like I'm trying to catch up with a bunch of different shows, so I get to start making decisions based on what I want to watch. Or possibly even spend a few evenings not watching TV. Algebraic!
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