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Daredevil, in conclusion

That was seriously legitimately literally one of the best shows I've ever seen. I cannot think of a single weakness. Even the stuff I don't usually like - villain backstory, villain moots, real-world-style crime and politicking - had me completely captivated.

And the miniature MCU crossovers! I had to go to TVtropes to pick up on most of them, but they're no less satisfying. If you also aren't sure where they happened, I would be more than happy to go over them with you in the comments, particularly since I'm still not seeing anyone talking about this show on LJ and come on, people. I need vids. LJ icons. Possibly fanfiction, but possibly not, because another wild thing is that I don't have a ship I'm really rooting for yet. (Do you? Tell!!)

Whatever I watch next is going to feel really disappointing in comparison.
Tags: a show i watched, marvel cinematic universe, the defenders
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