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Movies Lately: Return of the Son of the Bride of the

Hey guys! I took your rec and rewatched Mulan - good call, I loved it. My favorite part was everybody skinny dipping and you realize that poor sweet virginal Mulan is staring directly at the short guy's ding-dong and if the camera angle was different, we would be too. I wonder if children are thinking the same thing when they see it? It's not that "implied nudity" is notable in and of itself even in a cartoon, but the high stakes in this case kind of force you to speculate on what would happen if one of the naked guys saw the naked girl, leading to some extremely uncomfortable mental images. I'm impressed.

The other thing I found interesting was that Mulan wasn't actively avoiding marriage at the beginning of the movie. One princess formula I'm heartily sick of is the sassy self-reliant girl who don't need no man, so it was nice to see one who was motivated by her strong devotion to her family and her personal sense of justice. Although I'd kind of like to make a drinking game for every time someone used the word 'honor'. Ooh! Idea! Mulan/Zuko. I ship it.

Recently I watched the original Star Wars trilogy with Simon and got this winning quote: "Wait, is he really his father?" Apparently it had been even longer for him than it had for me, and without sharing my immersion in American Geektopia, he had forgotten. So there's some evidence, for your record-keeping - it's possible to forget that Darth Vader is Luke's father.

For me, there was a little bit of a disappointment factor, because I loved Star Wars - the first time I saw it was the 1997 theatrical special edition re-release, and I swear it was 100% as magical as it must have been to the first audience of the seventies. By the time I could afford to buy my own movies, the thrill had faded, and now I'm honestly not sure if I had seen it again since 1997. So there was some idealization at play, but I think the issue is more that my eyes have become adjusted to today's special effects (and today's thespian style, which is geared toward realism). Old sci-fi takes me out a little, and I wish that wasn't true. Anyway, you know what this calls for: another Star Wars rewatch!

The movie selection on my last international flight was not as great as usual, so I kept to the children's section on the way there. That's when I watched Pocahontas and Sleeping Beauty, and also Big Hero 6, which I liked, but left it there at like since there wasn't any one thing that stood out for me except for the city being named San Fransokyo, which not only made me laugh but also explained everything.

On the flight home, the selection had been miraculously updated so I picked Interstellar, which was incredible and which I definitely need to rewatch. I started Birdman but turned it off halfway through; critics' darlings are all the same. My second viewing of Mockingjay Part 1 was satisfying without giving me any new thoughts on it. I think I've seen each movie in the series twice, and that was my feeling each time: two is the right number of times to watch.

Every once in a while I actually see a trailer and fall for it. You know, the trailers are always calculated so carefully to make you want to watch even if you'd otherwise have no interest and you'd be right, because you know what you're interested in. Well, In a World... isn't a bad movie, but it's essentially a rom-com. I don't know if there's anything else to say about it, since the rest of you probably didn't fall for the trailer. Hey, wait. It's a movie about movie trailers. What does that say? Maybe it was constructed better than I thought...

That's all I can think of for now. Obviously I'm not writing up every movie I see anymore, or trying to. Could use your input on one thing, though! What Disney movie is next for me?
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