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Drabble: Sunrise

Hello! I was just looking at my LJ profile, thinking about updating it, and I decided that instead of getting rid of the drabble grid I have up there, I should give myself another shot at completing it. So I rolled a random number and wrote something for the #31 prompt. Hope you like!

If Buffy were ever to die young, Angel had a plan. He had come up with it shortly after choosing to become someone, thinking about it seldom but never forgetting it.

Step one: Ritual, burial, fulfilment of any final wishes she may have had.
Step two: Take vengeance, if necessary.
Step three: Sit by her grave and wait for sunrise.

But now, buried though she was, he was still stuck at the first step. Fulfilment of her final wishes, it turned out, would take all eternity.

She had taken his last hope with her. He would never see a sunrise.
Tags: drabble, fanfiction
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