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2014 Master List

To be honest I wouldn't have been surprised if this came up completely empty since I've been away from LJ or lockblogging so much lately, so even having a little handful to share right now is cool cool with me. Everything is cool cool for 2015, the year that we are all going to get rich and famous, find love, and change the world with our mighty deeds.


Chorus (Oz)

Collaborative Fanfiction:

Family's Fragrance with janasbangel (Buffy/Angel)

Fic Updates:

Older (Buffy/Angel, AU S2/3 - see tags in each entry for more)
Phases Part 1
Phases Part 2
Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Part 1

Comic Discussion:

Season 10 intro issues
Some strong opinions I had on Season 10


147 Saga icons
Tags: fic master list

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