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Dollhouse Finale

I am seriously going to miss this show.

It's not that hard to see why it failed, even beyond the usual "Fox likes to backstab itself" reasons. There were a lot of crap episodes, and five of them came right at the beginning, and even though I'm dying to rewatch the whole series and see what I missed, I'm not looking forward to returning to those days.

But it ended in one of my favorite Apocalypses ever, complete with last-minute world-saveage, and all the characters that I started out by not liking-- which is most of them-- were altogether amazing by the end.

My favorite thing, though? Victor and Sierra. I am as fangirly for those two as I have ever been for any TV couple aside from Buffy and Angel but you probably guessed that. And my favorite thing about that: guys. GUYS. The day has come. A JOSS WHEDON ROMANCE JUST ENDED HAPPILY.

...Not that we got to see most of it unfold, and wow, still major angst potential with those two (and T makes 3), but I'll take what I can get.

I'm also going to miss Topher's dialogue, Whiskey's utterly unresolved mystery, Alpha's lapsed psychosis, Adelle's turnaround, Topher/Bennett, Echo/Alpha, Scut Farkis from A Christmas Story, "I try to be my best", Matrix references, guessing who's a doll, and Enver Gjokaj's acting. But I'm looking forward to seeing what he ends up in next. Some of the others, too, but definitely him.

I'm not really going to miss people getting shot in the head.

Not Joss's best show or second-best show. But it was different from any of them and it was very very worth it. I meant to write up something better about it, but I'm still stuck in the library and I just can't collect my thoughts enough when I'm here to compose anything decent.

Let me know if you watched the finale so we can compare reactions and theorize about where Alpha is headed.
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