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Care and Feeding

This year I've gained a few new LJ friends who are still basically strangers, and even though I made sure to leave adequate warning in the friending memes and what-all that I'm not currently active online, I've seen some "introduction to blog" posts from said new friends and was thinking that maybe doing that makes more sense than telling the internet "I'm back!" and then immediately contradicting that with a couple more weeks of silence and then it's back-to-back Hunger Games posts and nobody even knows if that's the norm or if I'm acting really odd lately...

Kudos if you followed that; I'm not sure I did.

Anyway, the problem is that I consider this a fandom blog, so I wasn't sure how to introduce myself when personal information and history aren't going to be relevant to anything you'll read in an unlocked post. How about an experiment: this is an introduction to my fandom identity, commonly known as Kairos.

In 2008 I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer because I had access to it when looking for a show to marathon, and by the second season I was addicted like I'd never been to anything before. Like any good fangirl, I headed for the internet to get a fix - previously, my online presence had been mostly limited to fantasy/furry art avenues, and it had already been years since my humble heyday there anyway. I had an LJ, but for reasons I probably can't justify, I didn't want anyone to know I was writing fanfiction, so I made no reference to my old screenname and avatar when I entered the Buffy fandom.

Fanfiction.net is your standard starting point, as we all know. I called myself Kairos Impending because it marked a time of change in my life - although now that I've had that name for six years it begs the question, how long can something be impending before it either happens or doesn't? In any case, I felt inspired to write for the first time in ages, and the anonymity was intoxicating. When my first story, Let Me In, collected some surprisingly articulate and enthusiastic reviews, it sealed the deal and I kept going. (I say "surprisingly", by the way, because I had some preconceived notions on what the world of fanfiction was like. I've since lost them.) I also made my first long-term fandom friends, most notably fluffernutter8 and taaroko.

Waiting for story updates from writers like leni_ba and a2zmom to hit the Pit was starting to frustrate me, so I made a brand new LJ to follow them. You Are Here, but at the time it was named kairosimperfect, as the "time of change" hadn't quite worked out the way I'd envisioned. Naturally, I posted my own fiction here as well, and hit the jackpot when Leni recced one of my stories and drew the attention of a couple archive sites. Sublime ended up going inactive shortly after, so I've sort of been frozen in time there as the featured story. On the other hand, Scribes of Angel is still marching on, and the moderator, scribesds, became not only a great friend but a gateway to more fandom activity through her various projects.

I knew about the "Season 8" comics, which had been around for longer than I had, but I wasn't interested until Twilightgate. I caught up on back issues in time to throw myself into the fray (haha get it fray) surrounding the season's climax, which also gave me my first taste of fandom drama when I got into it with some rival shippers. I know I should put in a token condemnation of shipper wars here, but the truth is that it deepened some of my friendships and opened a few doors and I kind of miss those days. This is probably not the paragraph in which I should be mentioning usernames, though, so in summary, the comics were a big deal for me. I wrote lengthy recaps and reviews for parts of Season 8 and most of Season 9, and appeared in the lettercols twice. These days I still read each issue but don't have the time to spend on discussing them.

Aside from LJ, most of my fandom activity has been at Blood Roses, where I've been a mod for a few years now. I also posted occasionally to Whedonesque and Buffy Boards, but to date I have no more than a couple hundred posts at either. From 2009 to 2013 I wrote for the IWRY Marathon and was on the crew a few times as well and did a lot of beta reading. I tried to participate in other writing challenges when I could, but those were pretty much LJ-based and even when I was at my most productive I was never that great with deadlines.

During the height of the Season 8 madness, kean_herself and I teamed up to create joyousrebellion for B/A love; I've also launched a couple communities here myself but they weren't terribly successful even before the LJ exodus. I ran the projectpara reread, which lasted for...*checks*...wow, two and a half years.

One would think that I'd eventually branch off into other fandoms after my interest in BtVS faded, and I did, but I'm never quite sure which ones to call my fandoms since the most I ever do is talk about them. If you dig in my archives you'll find a Dollhouse fic, a Cowboy Bebop vid, an inexplicably popular My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover...thing, some Saga icons, Game of Thrones raving...well, a motley collection, and it doesn't even scratch the surface of all the fanworks I wanted to create, but eventually I just had to accept that my hour has ended and if I have the time and inspiration, I ought to be using it on something that's all my own. I also felt the need to spend whatever bits of my mortal life I can spare on reading and viewing all the good stuff that's available to me, which is why most of my recent entries are an attempt to pin down thoughts on the media I've consumed lately - must reconcile simultaneous drives to discover new fiction and to remain loyal to the internet.

That's about it for the history. These days you can find me and/or my stuff at DeviantART, YouTube, Ao3, and most of the links scattered above. I'd like to give you a preview of coming attractions to top it off, but I hardly seemed able to finish even this entry (I've been updating it here and there for probably weeks now). What I can tell you is what I'd most like to return to when and if I have the time: my mixed-bag episode reviews, my S2/S3 AU retelling Older, current discussion of the comics, or visual arts (whether traditional media, vidding, graphics, or something else). I've also been plotting a website of my own since....when was it I said I joined fandom? Most of all, though, I'd really like to get back to just making regular, random posts, and commenting on other people's.

Unfortunately I've lost my interest in reading fanfiction lately along with my time for it, but I do expect to get it back. My flagship, as if it's not clear by now, is Buffy/Angel, and in general my favored ships for everything tend to stick pretty close to canon. Also, I'm not ashamed of being a shipper or determined to widen my scope as a fanfiction writer, which seems to not be assumed anymore. In my TV, movie, and comic choices I almost always prefer the genre stuff, although when it comes to books I'll read anything. I like high adventure, epic tragedy, and classic themes of romance and chivalry. Tropes that immediately draw me in include animals, talking animals, imaginary animals, extinct animals, protectors, badass fighters in long coats, suddenly acquired superpowers, vampire boyfriends, absolute morality, and skillfully handled religion. If a work of fiction is described as dark or edgy, I'll probably skip it and possibly snicker at it under my breath.

Since I keep reiterating how nonexistent my presence here is lately, it may be ridiculous to try to describe anything about my elusive online self, but I just wanna complete the Kairos portrait with something. Ergo: friending me is not risky. My conviction that it's best to speak openly is generally defeated by my innate desire to maintain harmony, so I probably won't say anything that offends you, and if I do, I'm A-OK with us cleanly parting ways over it. If you offend me, the worst I'll do is quietly unfriend you, and won't be bothered if you reciprocate or if you don't. That said, if you come in here and give me or any of my friends a hard time, I don't owe you any courtesy and I won't negotiate about who started it. I have a lower tolerance than most people for buzzwords or layering opinions in terms of artificial respect, and your feelings are not my priority.

Wow, so that ended up being like the world's longest navel gaze, huh? And the timing is actually coincidental, but maybe this is a good thing to post at the end of the year. Plus, now I can use it as my introduction post for the rest of my life, so I never have to write one again!

Unless of course anything about me changes but haha no, that won't happen. I'm PERPETUAL.

EDIT 12/19: Kairos has no special dietary restrictions, but she doesn't like olives. Kairos should be exercised daily to compensate for her sugar addiction. Please supervise your Kairos at all times. If you encounter a Kairos in the wild, back away slowly and do not make eye contact. Kairos is for external use only. To remove Kairos, apply a small amount of baking soda and rub hard with a damp cloth. Kairos is valid only if presented at point of sale. The theatrical release of Kairos is indefinitely postponed due to threats of terrorism. Kairos is fine, but thank you for asking.
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