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The Saga Continues

Because I've got a half hour and because I was recently asked about it and because I'm in a miserable mood today, let's talk about Saga, the best comic ever written, and how it could be better.

For everything else it's done right, the real hook of the series and the clearest example of Brian K. Vaughan's genius is the overturned trope that the story ends when the couple gets together. I like shipping, but I love when I don't need to - the best fictional couples, like the best real ones, are a given. You don't hope that the old couple down the street will finally get together; they've been together for fifty years. You don't wonder if Alana and The Will would hit it off; why would Alana ever want to be with anyone but Marko? The opposites attracted, the forbidden love was realized, the heroes ran off together and got married and had a baby, and then the story began. THAT WAS COOL.

So yeah, I'm going to be extremely bitter if Alana and Marko give up on their relationship, even temporarily, and I'm also going to lose a lot of faith in the writing. It's not a matter of things not happening the way I want; it's just the wrong choice.

The brightest ray of hope at this point is that "split up" doesn't necessarily mean "broke up", and I could dig an arc that had them go back on the run, throwing off the trail by going in separate ways even though it's the last thing they want to do. I'll keep reading anyway, of course, but I'm already kind of pissed at the characters for their respective complaints over the last few issues. I get that realism means showing the drudge and strain of raising a child, but honestly? Marko doesn't have it that hard right now. He's living as a stay-at-home dad just as he wanted to, and he has his mother and Izabel there to help. At this point everyone should be feeling downright relieved about their situation.

I also had a little bit of a sugar crash when we finally got some questions answered about the Robot Kingdom. Okay, it turns out a baby robot is born (almost) exactly like a baby human. They eat (but how?), drink (how?!), get diseases, and are part of a race that includes more than royalty. Maybe everyone else was already assuming all this, but I'm clinging to the mysteries of how they eat and drink because at the beginning of the series everything was so bizarre and unexpected and now that we know how it works, it's not as fun. Whatever's going on with the royal kidnapping looks exciting, though. Can't begin to guess how it's going to intersect with the main cast's story.

I miss The Will's group, but I'm not worried they won't be back. Perhaps it will take an entire arc? Sophie and Cat set out on their own while Gwendolyn teams up with The Brand?

Well, I had a lot more to say but my half hour is up, so whoever wants to can rant along here or tell me why I'm wrong (maybe I am wrong!). If you're not already reading Saga, you still need to, no excuses. If you are, I'm hoping to do another big set of icons or some other graphics, but there are too many fandoms to be fanned....and my mood hasn't really improved yet. We'll pick up this topic later, just like I said about all the other topics.
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