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IWRY 2014

By now you've probably heard that the annual I Will Remember You Fic Marathon is changing hands; angelus2hot will be the primary organizer this year, while scribesds takes a much-deserved break from it. (Personally, I hope she's spending the time relaxing in a hot tub or rockin' out at clubs, but I know she probably just needs to concentrate on her real life.)

I would have instantly volunteered for the task myself, if not for a major personal event that I have overlapping it, so while there's nothing for me to really add here, I did want to keep the conversation going a bit longer out in the open. We've heard from a lot of fans lately, affirming the importance of the IWRY Marathon to them, and it's never too early or too late to show your support by pitching in to help. How? Write. If you don't have a story idea? Write anyway. If you've never written B/A before? Make this your first time. If you're not confident in your ability? Take the plunge, ask for a beta, and write.

How else can you help? Well, for that you'll have to ask angelus2hot. I'll try to be around for the next few months to help plug, beta, and answer questions, but my main goal is to produce one B/A story of real quality, so I suppose if you want to help me, ask me how it's going. ;)

Here's to another great year of B/A fanfiction.
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