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Princess Twilight's Kingdom

Apparently the entirety of MLP:FIM S4 is already available on Netflix, which is great because it's more or less impossible to find the finale on YouTube.

I mean, you know how adult genre shows usually have season finales with a Big Bad who has his own complicated backstory, and before the raging boss fight between him and the hero, there's a lot of allies being laid to waste and everything seems hopeless, except for the hints that something from earlier in the season is going to become relevant? Most people aren't looking for the same thing in a cartoon about ponies, but voila.

Or maybe I'm just always a fan of episodes with all four princesses present. When I was a kid I wasn't into grown-up TV and I also didn't like the cutesy stuff little girls get spoon-fed all the time (well, for the most part, anyway). I liked characters who were beautiful, dramatic, and quadrupedal. That hasn't changed; I just like grown-up TV too now. So here's this show offering me royal alicorns in danger, and also an increasingly intricate history and high-stakes plots, and I'm wondering if this can even last or if they've broken some kind of cosmic rule of commercial entertainment and next season it's going to be back to the My Little Pony of my own childhood.

In which case, to be honest, we've had a good run and my heart will go on. There are plenty of episodes already in existence and I've barely scratched the surface of the fandom. I might not ever want to even if I ever have the time for it, since I can get really irate over people taking ponies too seriously or (obviously) sexualizing them, and that's unavoidable if you're going to encounter a lot of the hardcore adult fans. But I love the art and I might want to create some myself, or write some fanfiction (probably not read any though). There's also at least one good forum out there.

So, back to the episode/s: I can't believe they destroyed the library, but I love Twilight's new castle which is also a tree. Continuity is so exciting. Check out all the recurring characters! Discord has always been my favorite, and the importance of his arc made me really happy. The potential justification for Discord/Celestia shippers was an eyebrow-raiser, but heck, I could roll with that too. He's actually Twilight's friend now and not just Fluttershy's! Perfect pacing on that development.

Whatever happens in the next season, I hope they try to preserve the serial format of this one and gradually build up to the climax. Since we've established the possibility of permanent changes to the live of the main characters, though, I have to admit I'd love to see Cadance and Shining Armor produce a baby alicorn. Everyone who's ever watched an episode wants to see the CMC get their cutie marks, for crying out loud. Could have done without the Mane Six getting yet another set of Super-Saiyan versions, but such is life when merchandising is on the line.

Okay, since nobody is reading this anyway and I have to do something better with my weekend, I will be silenced now, but damn. This is one hell of a cartoon. Still.
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