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Being Human

I really like this show and I'm sad there's so little of it, especially since they did the impossible and replaced all the leads without diminishing the show's overall quality. It's actually better. Tom the werewolf is a sweeter and more adorable puppy than George the werewolf, and Hal the vampire is a sexier and quirkier dangerzone than Mitchell the vampire. Neither of the ghost girls have really done much for me, which may be coincidence or may have to do with my own preferences. (Vampires and werewolves have fanatical mythology loyalists. Is anyone even into ghosts?)

I do have a few complaints though. One is that I only have a few episodes of the series left, and Alison hasn't returned yet. If I don't get a plausible sign that she and Tom are going to live happily ever after together, I will like literally die.

The other is that it just doesn't seem to command my imagination, and I think there's more behind that than my habit of fiddling around with my phone while I watch. (See, I did that a lot during Battlestar Galactica too, and now I wish I hadn't because it needed more of my attention to really perform.) The setting follows tight rules, which is cool in its way but narrows down the possibilities a lot. Everything supernatural that's happened throughout the entire series has had a direct correlation with vampires, werewolves, or ghosts; no deeper mysteries are hiding. The villains are uninteresting and the episode plots all follow the same format.

Someday someone is going to take all the things I like out of cult genre shows and give them the budget and scope of Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries. Until then, I just found out there's one season of a Being Human spinoff out there.

Finished. Hal vs. Tom was a stellar fight scene that I would totally rewatch just for the cheap thrills. I'm a big fan of fight scenes, everything from graceful martial arts displays to blood-soaked shootouts, but hand-to-hand with supernatural strengths and specialized weapons is especially gratifying in context.

There was also the return of Alison to love, but then she was just a vision of the perfect future and didn't appear again at the end to whisk Tom away and promise him a happy life together. On the other hand, the possibility of that happening wasn't ruled out, and...argh no I just wanted to see like five seconds of it for confirmation, why is that so hard? Instead we get a nod to Hal/Alex? Who cares?!

Overall, it kind of seemed like it was trying to be epic and just couldn't get there - the last season's finale did a much better job with that to be honest. Anyway, I've already forgiven the show for what all, so now I just have to put my mind to what to watch next. It will probably disappoint me.
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