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Pluggin' away

A'right, all ye who lurves Buffy/Angel in a kissyface way and wishes there were more of us to squee about it: know, meet, be aware of siegeperilous02. Every LJ entry I make is basically a friending meme but especially this one.

AND ANOTHER THING. I know I've only rarely ever mentioned my devotion to X-Men here - the comics, not (particularly) the movieverse - but it exists. The good news is I finally found an all-encompassing community for it. The other kind of news is that it could use some activity, so go know, meet, and be aware of xaviersestate if you share my X-fanaticism.

That's all for now. I did btw make it back from LA in one piece, but now I have to DRIVE a CAR. Ugh.
Tags: fandom, links, x-men
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