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Bit more on BSG

I tried googling "what the hell happened at the end of battlestar galactica" and found a lot of fans disappointed by the series finale, but that doesn't really make me feel better because honestly my problem was a lot less disappointed than it was confused. At first I was like, "Whoa! They're going back in time to prehistoric Earth, before it was trashed! All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again!" And then everything after that point seemed to contradict the time travel and I guess we're supposed to believe this really is just another planet that happens to be just like Earth? Why can't it be time travel?

Also, I don't necessarily need an explanation about what Kara Thrace is, but it seems like she could have been offered a happy ending exploring the new world instead of blipping out of reality. (Gave up on Starbuck/Apollo a while ago. You know me and adultery.)

Thing is I'm actually a big sucker for happy endings, particularly the overblown dream-come-true new beginnings for everyone kind of happy endings, so I'm pretty sure I'm not disappointed with the survivors finding their home called Earth (and bonus Roslin/Adama romantic goodbye, I love them with all my heart); I just feel like a doof for not understanding how it happened. And, okay, I had a couple of wishlist items that didn't get fulfilled, like Hotdog, or any Viper pilot, saying "Hot-diggety-dog!" Major missed opportunity there.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show, but I think my best takeaway from it was downloading "Gaeta's Lament". What a frakkin' gorgeous song.
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