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Saga Lite, Part 2

Okay! As promised, here's the next installment of sequential art out of sequence with all the gross stuff removed. This time I'm going to try to introduce all of the other characters.

As mentioned, the thrust of the plot is that Alana and Marko have betrayed their respective peoples by falling in love and having a child together, and a lot of people want to kill them.

Wreath's government tries to accomplish this by hiring a "freelancer", essentially a bounty hunter. These are legal, effective, and recognizable by always bearing the title "The" before their names.

Like all good tough guys, The Will has a sidekick. Her name is Lying Cat, and she's a cat who knows if you're lying. She's also handy in a fight.

In the meantime, Landfall gave the mission of eliminating Hazel's family to their allies from the Robot Kingdom. Specifically, Prince Robot IV, who isn't thrilled about the assignment.

Prince Robot and The Will haven't met, but when The Will's ex-girlfriend, The Stalk, took over his job and went after Hazel's family herself, she died at the robot's hands. The Will, who was still in love with her, vowed to kill Prince Robot, but hasn't gotten too far with that, since he's depressed and has other problems to deal with. I don't have any pictures for this part because I'm scared of the The Stalk.

One of those other problems came up when he went to get himself a whore and instead found a child forced into prostitution. He wanted to save her, but had little luck with it until he met up with a Wreath diplomat who wanted him to get back on the job he was hired for.

Gwendolyn, the diplomat, has evaded being drafted into Wreath's army by having family connections, but she's damn good at what she does and appears to be getting in touch with her inner cold-blooded killer. Also, she was once engaged to Marko.

Rescuing the slave ended up aiding the original mission, because she has a sixth sense that puts them back on track.

Also, she instantly bonds with Lying Cat.

Gwendolyn is less pleased with the new situation, as The Will's ship has crashed (thanks in part to her), and the four of them are stuck together.

To make matters worse (for her), Will's getting visions of The Stalk who is encouraging him to give up the chase and settle down with Gwendolyn and the child, and it looks like he's listening.

The good news is that Marko and Alana have gained allies as well. The first was a phantom named Izabel.

She's psychically bonded to Hazel's soul, which allowed her to leave her home planet and accompany the family in their travels, watching over the baby at night and vanishing in the day.

Marko's parents, concerned when Marko was MIA for too long, sold their house to buy a pair of "crash helms" that transported them directly into the rocketship, which made for a rocky beginning.

His father, Barr, already had a terminal illness when they arrived. After bonding with Alana and Hazel, he sacrificed himself to get the ship to safety.

Marko's mother, Klara, doesn't get pacifism. She's had a hard time warming to the idea of a Landfallian daughter-in-law, and now has to deal with losing her husband on top of it.

One more character who deserves a mention is the wooden rocketship. So far its sentience hasn't been explored much, but it's clearly a powerful ally and a member of the family in its own right, as well as an awesome setting.

The rest of them are functioning as best they can together. Things are hard, but they're all they've got.

In conclusion: SAGA. You love it and you love me for exposing you to it.
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