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TV Lately, Update

So nobody in the last TV post said they'd seen this show as far as I had, but now I need someone to talk to about it because dude! All that stuff I was saying about how Mitchell needed to be redeemed through his own death and leave the show actually happened, and then everything went insane and two of the other main characters died (like, this is within the space of two episodes!), so the only one left is Annie, and the thing I can't believe is that I still like the show! Possibly even moreso now, judging from my use of exclamation points. And this is after I got attached to all these characters and didn't want to lose them.

I mean sure, they replaced the vampire with another character kinda just like him, but he's working and he's mega cute and wears waistcoats. And they replaced the werewolf with another werewolf, but Tom is nothing like George and I kind of love the way he's so young and he acts even younger but occasionally turns into a hardcore killing machine and is so earnest in his desire to be loved. And sure, they tossed an orphaned baby into the mix and made her a prophesied savior on top of it, but that just means tough guys cuddling a baby and I'm fine with that.

The post-apocalyptic flash-forward stuff really won me over. Now I can't wait to see what happens next. Naturally, I don't yet have access to the final season, but that's okay. Being Human ftw!

You're all dirty hippies, you do not get punk at all.

I missed the last episode of Agents of SHIELD. I was at home and everything, just lost track of the time while cooking, which perhaps says something about how lukewarm I still am about this show. Now I need a way to see the last episode, though, or my whole plan falls apart.

Added to the list: Gargoyles and Person of Interest. Yes, of course I've already seen Gargoyles. Just...possibly not all of it? And not fully in order. And not enough times. I mean, Gargoyles! Right?
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