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IWRY Marathon 2013

Flist, I done you wrong. It's less than a month til November, and I haven't said word one about the annual I Will Remember You Fic Marathon. This year I'm not officially part of the team that puts the event together, as I begged off due to life events, but it's still immensely important to me and I owe it a plug at the very least.

Here's the signup post. If you're a writer of fanfic and you haven't already, I urge you to exercise your B/A muscles and offer a story. For anyone who has no idea what I'm even talking about, it's simple: every year, the fandom gets together and celebrates the romance of Buffy and Angel by putting up one (or more) brand new story for every day in November. More information can be found in the community LJ, iwry_marathon, and the links there.

Of course I'm hard at work on my own contribution. As usual, it's somewhat experimental, longer than I intended, and kicking my ass, but man do I love writing for IWRY.

I do believe this is our tenth year running. Let's make it the best ever!
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