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2009 Master List


I lose track of my drabbles immediately after I write them, aside from the offline document. So I may have missed some, and these links, btw, point all over the place. Honestly I can't believe I just did all that digging; I'm probably not right in the head. Oh, and I usually don't title these unless they're going on ff.net, so I mostly just indicated the prompt I used.

Knight (Wesley)
Passion x7
Cross (Buffy/Spike)
Pan (Giles&Xander)
Dash (Riley)
Descend (Fanged Four)
Cup (Buffy/Angel)
I'm Your Villain (Angel&Dawn)
Moon (Jordy)
Expert (Dawn/Xander)
Line (Buffy/Angel)
Line (Buffy/Spike)
Work x5
Prayer (Buffy/Angel)
Blue (Angel)
Costumes (Buffy&Willow)
Wall (Ripper)
Origin (Fang Gang)
Frost (Willow&Xander)
Apologies to Robert Frost (Buffy)
Candle (Buffy/Angel)
Season 1 Quote Prompts x8
Laws of Vengeance (Buffy&Anya)
NPCs Are Expendable Anyway (Willow&Xander)
Underground Vermin (Angel)
No Hope No Trick (Faith)
Orally Transmitted (Willow/Oz)
Your One Desire (Buffy/Angelus)
Let Me In Guest Spot (OC)
You Too, Huh? (Angel&Oz)
Was She Conscious? (Buffy/Angel)
The Cupboard Was Bare (Dawn)
Vampire Sidekick, Part 1 (Buffy/Angel)
Vampire Sidekick, Part 2 (Buffy&Spike)
Better Stick With the Wheel (Willow&Xander)
Eating a Dead Horse (Angelus/Darla)
Gets Easier. Takes Practice. (Anne/Gunn)
He's the One With Ops (Dawn&Fred)
Best Invented Word Ever (Cordy&Dennnis)
You Can't Prove It Didn't Happen (Angel&Doyle)
RIP Andy Hallett (Lorne)
Tin Man (Angel&Connor)
There Goes the Neighborhood (Drusilla)
Not My Mother's Side (Doyle)


Phases of the Moon (Nina)
Smoke Damage (Kate, Buffy/Angel)
A New Challenger (Spike/Faith)
Damnation's Castaway Awakening (Buffy/Angel)
Legitimacy (Spike/Faith)
Every Man's Hero (Spike/Faith)
Blood and Ashes (Spike/Faith)
Watch TV (Buffy/Angel)
Out of Place (Angel&Dawn)
Complicated (Angel&Oz)
Infinity Questions (Connor)
Ten Observations On Being In Love With a Human (Buffy/Angel)
Help the Helpless (Buffy/Angel)
One Fear Seven Ways (Buffy/Angel)


Older (Buffy/Angel)

Wait what I wrote for a different fandom?

Q (Dollhouse)
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