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Big ol' post of I'm Back

So, I appear to have a fixed machine, at least semi-permanent, thanks to my savvy friend whose home I just returned from. Incidentally, his is also the same home where I watch Dollhouse every week. What a guy. (Is anyone else watching that yet? Because re: tonight's episode, I totally knew that about the name 'Rossum'.)

Happy New Year!

I wanted to put in my guess about the Season 8 Big Bad before it was revealed, but now I'm glad I didn't because I was wrong. I'm kind of okay with it this way. Crossovers are better than most other serial-media treats, and oh sweet holiness that art.

And speaking of Whedon comic books, I just OD'd on Astonishing X-Men, which for me is like the chocolate and peanut butter of geekdom. I've heard that Kitty Pryde is Joss's favorite X-Man and partial inspiration for the Buffy character, and after seeing him writing her, and her romance with Colossus, I don't want to see them in anyone else's hands ever. I don't care that he's just doing B/A all over again. Hell, why would I?

(...I also read some real books. And I watched a lot of Pushing Daisies and other stuff. And my bathroom has never been so clean, and I'm comfortable with my use of the word 'never'. I think some sizable parts of this apartment building were actually built dirty. Okay, maybe a temporary loss of the internet was kind of good for me.)

Let's see...oh! The lovely and talented pen_umbra has touched my LJ account with the sparkly end of her fairy wand, and I will soon be the proud owner of a paid account. Would anyone like to help me jazz this place up? I don't really know how to do things that make pages pretty. Input?

Okay, I think that does it for mega-post. I took everyone's advice and did some longhand writing, so the next chapter of "Older" should be up shortly. And I'll catch up on reading fic sooner or later too. Oooh, and a 2009 fic list. And maybe one of those big old writer memes. Gosh it sure is nice to hear myself type. Missed you guys!
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