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America's Got No Standards

Well, the Choir and Orchestra With a Twist isn't going on to the next round. No broken hearts, we weren't truly expecting it. I'd say the competition was rough, but honestly, it all comes down to what sells, and that's apparently solo acts. (Why are the singers even on this show when there are other shows expressly for singers?)

One thing I got from this is knowing for sure I never want to watch this show again. Howard Stern's crass humor and Heidi Klum's ditzfest were bad enough, but the way they deliberately set everything up to stress out the contestants and then zoom in on their emotional reactions is an ugly way to operate. I know entertainment has its own rules, but if you're calling it a talent show, it ought to be about talent.

Here's the 3Penny performance, if you missed it:

Thank you to everyone who voted!
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