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Andy Hallett 1975-2009

Didn't know the guy, of course, so here's a tribute to his character instead.

He had been wandering the streets since he left Pylea, but when he heard the sound coming from inside a building nearby, he forgot everything else and snuck in through the back.

A cow was on a stage, her voice forming words in a way he had never heard outside of his own dreams, and as he listened, he realized that he was learning everything he needed to know about this world, their ways, and their music.

His newfound ability surprised him. The beauty of the song stunned him.

Incongruent coloration be damned. This was home now. This was paradise.

And for the hell of it, here's an awesome fan video of the Pylea arc.

And here's my thoughts on Lorne: the Buffyverse explores a lot of different shades of good and evil. By the time Lorne rolled in, "a good demon" was already old news, but he had something unique anyway. I believe that Lorne was the only true pacifist on either show, and while that may not be an inherently good thing, I feel like it is inherently admirable.

Next time you're listening to some good music, take the extra time to concentrate and really, really love it.
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