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Not Fade Away, Sculpey Style

I'm not sure if I mentioned here at any point that I signed up for this over the holidays. It's over and done with and I'm proud to say that I completed my ornaments, successfully mailed most of them on time (one is still plaguing me; bad address or something), and received three nifty ornaments in exchange. It was fun and I'd do it again, but crikey Moses it took some time.

I decided to do clay figurines of Whedon characters, and decided that the characters would all be from AtS, mostly because I wanted to take a picture like this:

(My friend was kind enough to play puppet master for this, but asked if I could edit him out - well, I don't actually have any functional photo editing software on my computer right now, so this is the best I could do, please ignore the poor guy's jeans in the background.)

They're all about two inches tall and made of colored Super Sculpey, tin foil, and gold wire. The weapons are tin foil and toothpicks and pretty much just wedged under their arms.

Of course, I was assigned five recipients, and there were only four characters in that scene, so...

And here are the other four again, to give you a better view:

Between that, this, and this, it's safe to say that I took on too much this Christmas. What can I say? Most of it worked in some form or another - by the way, I over-ordered those cards, so if you still want one, YO. And thank you so much to everyone who sent me gifts that were (or weren't!) on my wishlist. And the cards, best beloved, I got so many beautiful cards! They're still on display, of course. I kind of want to grab them all and thank you all by name right here and now, but you'd probably just sigh at my public display of affection.

Anyway, after trying my damnedest to keep ALL of my holiday vows and make good on my offers, I spent most of Christmas curled up in my family's fireplace, whimpering and sucking on a wrapped candy cane while snowflakes drifted delicately down the chimney and onto my red nose. Don't even ask about New Year's. And that's why I've been away.

Hoping to get back in the swing of things soon, starting with projectpara (which is wrapping up soon, heads up to anyone who wanted to join in the last few discussions) and reviews for the last couple months of comics. Can't say for sure how far I'll get, but there are still tons of fandom things I want to do; it's definitely not a matter of losing interest.

Also might be catching up with emails and LJ comments, so don't freak if you find me answering something you said to me ages ago. It's time to turn this boat around. Happy New Year!
Tags: art, character: angel, character: gunn, character: illyria, character: lorne, character: spike, meme, project paranormal
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